Studio Two is our dedicated editing and compiling room, which allows us to offer basic digital mastering services at lower rates than our main mastering suite. Studio Two is used to do music and speech editing, compilation albums, and Production Masters.


Spendor SA500

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The SA500s are designed with active filters and have excellent low frequency transient performance due to a distinctive combination of a double voice coil and multiple power amps. These highly sought after three-way active monitors have exceptional imaging and are a perfect fit for our editing room.

Spendor SA500

Apogee Rosetta 200

A/D/A Conversion

Apogee Rosetta 200

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From the Apogee website: “The most crucial process in the digital recording environment is high-quality analogue to digital conversion and the most trusted and desirable converters are made by Apogee. With up to 192k standard sample rates, the Rosetta 200 combines Apogee’s legendary conversion quality with flexibility that complements any digital audio workstation.”

Digital Audio Workstation

SADiE 6 running on PCM4 with Cedar Re-Touch and mastering pack

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The centrepiece to the studio, as with Studio One, is a SADiE workstation running on dedicated SADiE hardware. SADiE is a rock steady audio platform with a superbly intuitive and fast editing interface which is as well suited to audio as it is to speech and other post-production applications. No wonder SADiE is now used throughout the BBC for the production of its Radio output.

The SADiE system in Fluid Studio Two is a fully featured in-the-box mastering system (although outboard processing is also available) and also comes with the Cedar Re-Touch plug in for the removal of unwanted sounds of all kinds; an invaluable tool for high-quality post-production.


sadie 1
sadie 2
sadie 3

Sample Rate Conversion

Weiss Saracon

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Universally recognised as the most transparent sample rate conversion around.