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Remastering & Restoration

B oth Fluid’s engineers have had a great deal of experience working with back catalogue and have garnered praise from both the collector’s community and artists themselves for their work on classic material by artists such as The Kinks, Fleetwood Mac, UB40 and Caravan. Tim and Nick were also responsible for remastering a great deal of the celebrated Trojan Records catalogue, a challenging enterprise which frequently involved comparing a range of sources for each song before usually going back to the original Jamaican 7 inch singles to get the most vibrant and natural sound, whenever the original tapes were not available.

Fluid Mastering can cater for legacy production formats such as analogue ¼” and ½” tape, 1630 Umatic or even vinyl and cassette. For restoration work such as removing mains hum and buzz, clicks crackles and dropouts etc we have an extensive suite of CEDAR™ tools including their top of the range workstation, the CEDAR Cambridge as well as the aforementioned Re-Touch. We also have the facilities and experience to bake tapes in-house should that prove to be necessary as a result of sticky-shed syndrome. If you’re a record company with material in your archive that you’d like to put out but you’re not too sure of the quality, chuck it our way because we can iron out all sorts of audio problems; it’s what we do.

Whilst such projects can be time-consuming, we are well aware of potential budget constraints and have had to meet extremely tight budgets on certain jobs. Protecting our musical heritage for future generations can be an awesome responsibility calling for a degree of perfectionism that comes naturally to our engineers but at the same time we’re very capable of adopting a pragmatic approach wherever costs need to be kept down. So call us with details of your project and we’ll fit the job to your requirements, giving you a real sonic advantage at a price that works for you.

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