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Sundara Karma - A Young Understanding - Fluid Mastering

artist: Sundara Karma

title: A Young Understanding

label: Sony

mastered by: Nick Watson

A Young Understanding is another cinematic indie-rock track that shows the development of the band’s sound and tighter production. The track opens with soaring, cruisy guitars and the smashing of percussion, waiting for the roaring of Oscar’s vocals to enter. The track is delivered with urgency as the track discusses growing up and getting through difficult times. Oscar spoke about the track, saying, ‘The song focuses on the terrifying, darker side of growing up, but at the same time it plays that fear down by generalising all these feelings and thoughts as just being “A Young Understanding”. With its uplifting vocals and driving instrumental, the track is a perfect, cinematic rebellious track, demanding you to just let go.”


from Outlet Mag

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