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Sing Street - Original Soundtrack

artist: Various Artists, Sing Street feat. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Adam Levine

title: Sing Street – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

label: Decca Records

mastering: Nick Watson

“John Carney’s coming-of-age musical dramedy warrants this year’s best soundtrack”

“Director John Carney knows a thing or two about the art of the soundtrack….  Save for the left-field inclusion of Motörhead (“Stay Clean”), the record’s flooded with all the go-to acts from that era: Duran Duran (“Rio”), The Jam (“Town Called Malice”), The Cure (“Inbetween Days”), Hall and Oates (“Maneater”), Joe Jackson (“Steppin’ Out”), and M (“Pop Muzik”). There’s nothing really special about revisiting these ’80s classics — after all, how many times have we heard “Rio” by now? — but it’s an absolute thrill to hear how they pair up with the original compositions….   …Levine caps off the soundtrack with “Go Now”, a meditative, polished jogger of an epilogue that feels as if some omniscient narrator has stepped in. It’s a refreshing escape, though, and one that slowly tugs down the proverbial velvet curtain in a fashionable manner. But really, if you’ve made it this far, you’re already getting up to flip the damn thing over and start again. That was the power of Once and that’s the overwhelming mastery of Sing Street. Nearly a decade later, Carney has carved out another must-have soundtrack chock-full of favorites that will fluctuate upon every listen.”

from consequenceofsound.net

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