Folk, Indie, Pop
Keston Cobblers Club - Wildfire

artist: Keston Cobblers’ Club

title: Wildfire

label: Tricolour Records

mastered by: Nick Watson

from :

“Wildfire” sees the five-piece build on the folky sounds of 2012 debut One, For Words by getting caught on the odd synth hook, surfing on some orchestral waves and filling it out with choral arrangements.

“We wouldn’t call it a huge change in direction,” said Julia Lowe. “More an evolution. There’s a signature Cobblers’ recipe that we’ll always follow. That’s strong vocal harmonies, powerful drums, and hooky melodies and these are all still here. But the instrumentation has grown, that’s the biggest difference. Anyone that already knows our music will still be able to hear that Cobblers sound.”

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