Indie, Rock
Gun Club Cemetery

artist: Gun Club Cemetery

title: Gun Club Cemetery

label:  359 Music / Cherry Red

mastered by: Nick Watson

“With new label 359 Music, Alan McGee has utilised his acumen to sign Gun Club Cemetery (pictured), a three-piece outfit whose classic rock sound pricked McGee’s ‘golden ears’, ears which are still attuned for sounds that ennoble and, crucially, sell. …” – read more at the Huffington Post

“Gun Club Cemetery love their good old-fashioned, down and dirty guitar music but like the bands who have inspired them – The Faces and The Stones among others – they can also turn their hands to a sensitive, heart-rending piano ballad. The band are fronted by Perth-based ex-Hurricane #1 singer Alex Lowe…” – read more at

Gun Club Cemetery are a cool new combo, with one of my fave singers and my fave bass players. I’d definitely put some of my hard-earned wedge on them being the ones to kick the British scene’s back doors in over the coming months. Lock up your daughters. And your wives!
– Clint Boon

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