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Caravan - All Over You

artist: Caravan

title: If I Could Do It All Over Again I’d Do It All Over You

label:  Decca Records

remastered & mastered for iTunes by: Tim Debney

vinyl cut by: Tim Debney

This was one of a series of five Decca/Deram albums which Tim remastered at high resolution especially for vinyl reissue. The original vinyl release was provided for reference, as was the previously available and most recent CD remaster (which sounded somewhat cold by comparison, and had been limited a tad heavily). The result is a vinyl reissue that is as richly detailed as it is warm and natural.

“The Resurgence Of Vinyl/Death Of CD is truly upon us, with Universal (whose reissue wing continues to shame the other majors, sorry, major, at every turn) offering up new editions of five very different cornerstone albums from the late ’60s underground scene on 180 gram vinyl, cut from the original master tapes and sounding as close to the originals as we’re likely to get.”Shindig

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