I f you are unable to attend the mastering session then there are two options available to you at Fluid Mastering. Click on one of our Online Mastering links to access our full online service, where you can upload tracks from your desktop, work out your costs on a per-track basis, and even download the final master direct from our website with absolutely no mucking about.


On the other hand if you’d prefer the human touch and would like to discuss a package deal with us rather than paying by the track, and maybe have a chat on the phone or via e-mail so that we can go into some detail with you about your specific needs then our unattended mastering service is for you. It’s just like booking an attended mastering session apart from the fact that you won’t be there, and it starts with a phone call or email rather than everything being done through the website.



Experienced Engineers

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to Mastering projects ready for release, attended mastering gives you a hands on opportunity to utilise our knowledge and experience to help create the perfect master.

Achieve The Sound You Want

By attending the session you can give our engineers clear directions about your project, sometimes what you had in mind may not be best for the music itself and a change in direction may be needed to achieve the best possible master.

Free Mix Evaluation

We now offer a free mix evaluation service, which means that prior to your mastering session, we can check your mix(es) and provide feedback; suggesting tweaks where appropriate.

Need more information? Feel free to give us a call on (0)20 8743 8585