Online Mastering Services

If you can’t make the trip to our studio yourself, don’t worry we now have our brand new Online Mastering Service. Many of our customers are happy to leave us to it, and our wide-ranging experience ensures that you can trust us to make sound judgements on your behalf – no pun intended!

Our online mastering service allows you to make use of our world-class facilities right from your desktop for just £55 per track (with the exception of the first track, which costs £80). We don’t use trainee or junior engineers to do our online mastering, so you get the same experienced ears and professional signal path as our direct-booking clients, but with the benefit of reduced rates due to the use of studio down-time. Also, as charges are made by the track rather than by the hour, you have the added confidence of knowing how much your mastering will cost before we start.

How to use our online mastering service

Simply use the Online Mastering Checkout below to prepare your order, and the price will be calculated for you as you go. We have avoided hidden extras as much as possible; in fact a DDP Master for CD Replication is even included FREE within the cost of your session!

Once you have completed the checkout please upload your files to us using the upload form on the ‘order received’ page.

Convenient and Time Effective

Our online mastering service is a great way to have your music mastered by one of the best mastering studios in the UK without having to attend. Your project is in safe hands with our experienced engineers.

Experienced Engineers

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to Mastering projects ready for release, attended mastering gives you a hands on opportunity to utilise our knowledge and experience to help create the perfect master.

Free Mix Evaluation

We now offer a free mix evaluation service, which means that prior to your mastering session, we can check your mix(es) and provide feedback; suggesting tweaks where appropriate.

Need to Speak to us?

If you have any queries regarding your online mastering session, simply call now on
+44 (0)20 8743 8585 or email us at Likewise if you have any queries or questions about the service, just give us a shout and we’ll be glad to help.

Online Mastering Checkout