F luid Mastering is not just a high-end mastering facility; we provide a full range of post-production services and the introduction of our editing and compilation suite (Studio Two) allows us to offer both speech and music editing at competitive rates.


Speech Editing – In common with a great many audio production facilities we use SADiE which is the fastest and most flexible editor around – in the right hands of course! The addition of Cedar’s Re-Touch plug-in gives us a great deal of extra power when it comes to cleaning up speech recordings to reduce the effects of extraneous noises, mouth clicks, plosive pops and all sorts of distracting nasties.


Our engineers have experience of editing and cleaning up video soundtracks, corporate and forensic recordings, audio-books and podcasts.


Radio and TV Edits – We’re regularly called upon to create edits whenever a track is selected as a single but deemed to be too long for airplay in its original form. Reducing the length of a piece of music to meet the requirements of radio and television can be challenging if it is to be done with respect to the integrity of the composition and the performance, but thanks to the inventiveness and experience of our engineers we can usually find a way that keeps all parties happy.


Censored Edits – If the dreaded F-Bomb stands between your track and family-friendly broadcast opportunities, then we can help. There are three main options when it comes to censored or “clean” edits; the most popular involves cutting to the instrumental mix at the appropriate moment thus giving the effect of killing the vocal for an instant, then there’s bleeping which can be preferred if you want to make it clear that some cussing has been removed (again, if the instrumental or backing track is available this can be less intrusive) and finally reversing the audio, which can have the advantage of causing less disruption to the flow of the vocal.


Tip: One thing that can help to maximise your options when it comes to editing is the availability of instrumental and a-capella mixes, so be sure to get those mastered if you can!

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