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Attended Mastering

The ideal way to prepare your music for release in the real world is with an attended mastering session in one of UK’s most highly regarded mastering suites. Industry standard monitoring and analogue outboard plus the UK’s leading mastering talent are at your disposal when you book a session with us.


Online Mastering

Designed for your convenience, our online mastering service brings the process to your desktop so that you can upload your tracks, calculate the fee, download your masters and pay for the session with minimum fuss directly through the website.



Despite our high-end credentials we are a mid-priced studio costing considerably less than our American counterparts but a little more than the bedroom studios and non-specialist recording studios you’ll find online. We offer discount packages for unsigned artists so call us or email for a deal tailored to your budget. We don’t publish a price list because every job is different!



About Fluid Mastering

T im Debney and Nick Watson are proud to introduce one of the UK’s finest audio mastering facilities. Our state-of-the-art studios are fully equipped with all the high-end tools we need to give you a audio mastering service of the very highest standard, and our experienced engineers are comfortable in every genre. Services include: CD Mastering, Vinyl Cutting, Remastering, Attended Mastering or Online Mastering, Stem Mastering and more…

Our flexible pricing makes it easy to get a mastering service suited to your budget without compromising on quality. Sessions can be charged by the hour, but online mastering, discount packages and cheap rates for unsigned artists are also available. Call (0)20 87438585 and talk to one of our engineers so that we can tailor the session and its price exactly to your needs.

Fluid Mastering caters to a wide range of clients including major record labels, well known indie labels and self-financed artists. Visit our Clients page to get an overview of the breadth of material we have worked on.

You will find some household names in there alongside some less well-known artists who are nevertheless highly respected in their fields.

Our website can help you to get the most out of our mastering services as well as provide you with plenty of background and general information about audio mastering.

If you’re interested in new mastering techniques such as mastering from stems we have a page dedicated to the subject with a full explanation, and we also have a page featuring tips on preparing yourself (and your mixes of course) for a mastering session.

For even greater detail you’ll find some interesting articles and essays on our blog which also features videos and audio streams from some of our clients. We really hope you enjoy exploring the site, and if you have any questions or observations feel free to get in touch.

Why Use Fluid Mastering?

Friendly helpful engineers with years of experience, a purpose-built mastering studio with the best mastering monitors money can buy and classic analogue outboard gear all at reasonable prices with no hidden extras.

Free Mix Evaluation

We can give your mix the once-over ahead of your session to check for anything that could cause problems at the mastering stage. We ask for a £25+vat down-payment per track, which is then deducted from your final mastering bill. Call for details…

Why Not Let The Mix Guy Do It?

Mastering is a specialisation. It’s not just about making your tracks louder, and only someone who masters every day has the objectivity and the tricks up his or her sleeve to bring the best out of your music, and only by mastering in a dedicated mastering room can the problems caused by inaccurate monitoring at the mixing stage come to light.

Digital or Analogue?

The vast majority of material we master goes through an analogue signal path using some of the best outboard money can buy, but some processing is best handled using precision digital tools so we tend to deploy a combination of both. For further details check out or STUDIO ONE page.

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